Understanding Charlie


Charlie Really Likes Frogs


Understanding Charlie focuses on a little guy who has autistic behaviors and sensory processing issues causing him to be misunderstood by his sister, Amelia. Charlie is happiest when he is playing with his froggy friends. In fact, we've hidden one of Charlie's frogs on every page of the story.  Can you find them all?  Understanding Charlie is a great resource to introduce the concept of inclusion and encourage empathy for all children. 


Charlie's Word Search

Can you help Charlie do his wordsearch?  Copy and paste it and you can share it with your friends.  If you need help with the answers, email us and we'll send you the answer key.


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Wonderfully Made Children books serve the greater good in all of us to be kind, to be inclusive of those who seem different from us, and to be understanding and compassionate to those around us while educating the reader about the behaviors associated with learning disabilities.  Wonderfully Made Children books helps parents teach siblings about a brother or sister with a learning disability and helps teachers address challenging behaviors of classmates who have a learning disability.