Understanding Reed


Sweet Reed Likes to Talk, Talk, Talk

Understanding Reed focuses on a first grade girl who has an ADHD diagnosis and some challenging behaviors.  

Reed likes to talk, sing, hum, twirl, and dance.  Sometimes those behaviors are disruptive and misunderstood by her friends.  Understanding Reed is a great resource to introduce the concept of inclusion and encourage empathy for all children.  Fast forward to the end of the book....with the help of Ms. Jones, their first grade teacher,  the class shares a wonderful gift with Reed to help her calm and control some of those disruptive behaviors while they show her how much they love her! 

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 Wonderfully Made Children books serve the greater good in all of us to be kind, to be inclusive of those who seem different from us, and to be understanding and compassionate to those around us while educating the reader about the behaviors associated with learning disabilities.  Wonderfully Made Children books helps parents teach siblings about a brother or sister with a learning disability and helps teachers address challenging behaviors of classmates who have a learning disability.   Use our books to help promote inclusion and understanding for all children.